fix up wp theme (theron) and cut and paste blog post from a PDF (Flag as inappropriate)

Fixed Price Project - Est. Budget $30

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please only apply if you can start immediately and complete within 12 hrs
no auto applications please, i will only read ones that have address the following issues

this work is mostly design modification and blog post

i have a blog that started, but needs some modification

i would like it to work and look like

current issues
1. when i re size the window, the background image changes size and looks terrible, can you make that size stable and also make it look normal on ipad, iphone etc (chk the sample site)

2. the little gallery photo looks really bad when the window is re sized to smaller size

3. the home button needs to go back to front page (

4. overall tidy of the blog , tittles, menus etc

5. the logo needs to have the initial BSA under it

2nd thing is i have a pdf of pictures , i need them to be cut/clip and paste along side with text(in a word) file
there are about 17 post together, and about 2 pictures per post
please see one that i have done

also note on the blog post the title looks messy, needs fixing

again the text is from a word file, just cut and paste and format a little
the images must be clipped from a PDF file

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February 06,2013
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