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Fixed Price Project - Est. Budget $510

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I am looking for a quote to build my Sporting Club App.

I want to have both an iOS and Android version built.

Layout and Functionality

Club Details
Static page with Club information, logo, history, and relevant contact details.

The dates, times and locations of the games need to sync to the phone’s calendar
The location needs to link to the phones map function so users can follow the GPS directions to the game.
The fixture needs to be updated with scores each week after each game
Need to have a fixture for the main team and at least 3 reserve teams

Club Song
Static Page with recording of song and possible In-App purchase for users to buy ring tone

Live match reports and stats
Needs to be updated by club officials after each game
Link to league website for scores from all other games within the league

News/Coaches Corner
Needs to be updated by club officials
Need to have alerts for important club information such as change of venue or game cancellations
Link to club policies such as rehabilitation and team conduct

Social Events Calendar
List of Social Events to be posted and updated by club officials. Events need to be able to sync to phone calendar

Club photos and images.
Needs to be updated by club officials
Need an option to download as wallpaper

Gallery of items with a link to relevant club merchandise contact
(I don’t want the option to buy merchandise via the app)

League Ladder
The league ladder with each club’s win/loss record and total points. Needs to be updated by Club official after every game.

Each page will be sponsorable so the club sponsors can pay to have their branding on a certain page.

Must have options to like on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube from all pages.

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February 06,2013
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