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Fixed Price Project - Est. Budget $100

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We are looking for experienced writers to do a series of short fantasy stories. Each story will be approximately 50 pages long give or take and there will be at least three stories in the series. More is certainly welcome.

So, this contract is for 3 or more stories ($100 each). Sequels must end in a way that entices readers to continue to the next story. (Some romance needs to be included).

Writing must be single spaced, 11 or 12 font size.

This is a long term position if the stories are good. We expect high quality stories and we fully understand that the starting price is low for truly talented writers. We don't want junk stories. Good writers will get continued work along with good raises. This will be a win win situation for all. We like to keep good writers around.

Only native English speakers may apply and examples of prior work must be given! Please only submit work that will impress us.

Writers who are hired must give progress reports weekly. One month will be allowed for each short story but the sooner the better. New writers need to send proof of progress WEEKLY. Inactive and unresponsive writers will be dropped immediately.

A catchy summary of the story must also be submitted with the story.

Content must be fully edited and high quality!

Writer must also understand fully that we will own all rights to any and all content we purchase. No exceptions.

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February 06,2013
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