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We have a group of property agencies as client and they would like to seek for legal advice for property in Malaysia context. Also, we need lawyer that can draft the agreement for both lease option and JV agreement. Please answer following question by relating to Malaysia Property market

Context 1: JV agreement
If A made agreement with B to buy house together under both their name. This means in S&P agreement there will be both their name. However, for loan document with bank, A is the one who signed without involving B. But in the JV agreement, A and B made agreement that they will make installment payment to bank in ratio:50:50, example Rm500 each person, (assuming the total installment is Rm1000). A and B also promised that they will share 50: 50 from the profit if they sell off the house. My questions as below:

1st: If B failed to make half of the installment as promised, can A take legal action on B?
2nd: If A want to sell off the house but B refused to sell? How can we solve the dispute? Should the agreement set in advance that any argument only either one party will have the final decision
3rd: If either A and B died, can either one of them take full ownership of the house?
4rd: if B do not want to continue the agreement, can B assign someelse to replace him or cancel with some exit cost/penalty to A?

Context 2:Lease option
1. The buyer is normally liable to pay for how long? 3 years? 5 years? or can be any years based on mutual agreement?
2. If the buyer do not pay the installment which under seller name (at bank) for any reason, how can the legal documents
protect the seller?
3. Also, if the buyer has exercise the buying option as per agreement, and the seller refused to recognize the buying option,
how can the law protect the buyer?
4. The future buying price set by seller will be normally higher than the current market value right? How can the agreement
be drafted so that it will be more favored to investor?
5. Do you have any sample lease option that you have done for your Malaysia client/investor?

Contractor that apply the task without answering the above questions will be disqualified. Contractor that hired will be working with us for long term.

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February 06,2013
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