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This job is data entry on BUYMA. (

just copy and past to create web shop. you don't have to desighn.
product page you can see model web shop and copy each products photo and description on the model web shop and paste my BUYMA page. I want to create many. so If you do great job I would keep hiring you. before hiring you have to take test for one hour. I would like to check how many products you can input for one hour.

You are the person who can speak Japanese is preferred if possible.

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saidur rahman


i am master degree holder with accounting (hons). i had been working as a accounts officer (2005-2008).opsonin pharma ltd. now i am working in exim bank ltd. as a senior officer from 2008 and still now.

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February 06,2013
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2 hourly
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2 hourly