Prepare & file 3 US LLC biz tax returns (Flag as inappropriate)

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Hello everyone,

We need accounting help with the following (for 2 US LLC start-ups):

- Because of a major IRS delay with getting my partner's ITIN, we still need to file our 2011 tax returns for our Eklektikon company (wine importer). Our 2011 transactions are only limited to 30-40 expenses or so. No employees, revenue or anything complicated.. All data in excel, categorized and tidy. NO PROFITS.
- Same company, Eklektikon, 2012 tax returns. That includes, sales, expenses, 2-month external contractor etc. No employees. All of our sales and some of our expenses were through our services distributor, so all bookkeeping is in two parts: one from the distributor who did all the bookkeeping and it should all be ready to go into the tax return, one from our own databases using Xero. A few international transactions as we maintain a bank account in Greece, through which we pay all our suppliers. NO PROFITS.
- 2012 tax returns for our other company, Eclecticon (food importer). All the same, except there is no distributor so all bookkeeping is straight out of Xero internally. NO PROFITS.
- Briefly check to confirm our 2011 Eclecticon tax returns have been submitted and consult on other obligations towards the federal government, state, insurance etc we might have.

We look for a knowledgeable CPA that can also submit these tax returns, and one that we can launch and maintain a long-term collaboration with. We would also like to be able to get some consulting on certain things and form a tax strategy together to more efficiently handle this part of our business. Xero knowledge / experience a plus, although all accounting software pretty much functions using the same principles.


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February 06,2013
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