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ponting joy   food delivery, packing staff

Paris, France

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Hi, Welcome to my profile on Q4Work

Review By samysingh On January 21, 2013:
goood man
Review By NIX On January 17, 2013:
test good

Job Detail
Job at Bar ($10 Hourly)
Total Payment: $170
for sunday 20 and for 10 hrs
Review By NIX On December 19, 2012:
What could be a fine copyediting/proofreading gig at a small, dynamic periodical turned into a long, tedious wait for payment. It's yet another instance of a client needing a freelancer to turn things around quickly and professionally but not being able to rise to the occasion themselves. They were disorganized and vague when it comes to invoices and payment--a scary prospect when one needs to pay the bills.